Love Poems

By Charles Robert Lindholm

It’s Strange That We
Accept What We See
As The Reality
So Easily
Without Knowing
Or Verification

Limited Exposure

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Diane Morasco-42

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Revelations of the heart open wide

Speak the truth inside

Unafraid of the dangers which face me

Walking through the smoke and dust

Scars on my face

Battle wounds never settled the final score

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Wounded by a soldier

A heart on the mend

Swords of the mind


Iron sharpening iron

None of us can pretend

We feel it in our soul

Left to bleed

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I’m lustful for a love

not between my thighs

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Look away
I know we are no more
Our love is gone
It’s now a memory

It felt so true
It made me happy
Only forever remained
It’s all gone now

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When I’m without you I feel alone

In the isolation of the darkness

I know you’re in my corner

Together we’ll figure this out

Questioning everything

Troubled by the world’s complexity

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Holding on to your heart

Life gets rough

I wish we were bullet proof

Mistakes we make

Life tears us up

Scars on our face

Holing on to your heart

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